Hello there ! January is ending (time flies so fast), so it’s time for me to talk about my monthly subject: Birchbox! This month, it was a « Fit and Pretty » box and despite the fact that I didn’t really find the « Fit » thing in the products, I have to admit that Birchbox continues to impress me.
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Let’s start with the « oddest » product of this month, a strong mint flavoured Mouth Wash from Marvis. By « odd« , I don’t wanna mean useless, because if we have to be honest, a moush wash is always useful. When you’re not at home, you sometimes forgot your toothbrush and in that case this product is a lifesaver. I mean « odd » because I didn’t expect to have that kind of thing in a beauty-box ! But hey, why not.




What about LUSH?

Ok, I know. Everyone knows (and it seems that everyone loves) Lush Cosmetics but I have to admit that we don’t have many shops here in Paris, so I didn’t have time to try the brand out until a few months ago. I’m addicted to natural brands like Yves Rocher or The Body Shop, so Lush was just calling my name out. That’s why I’m here today, to finally give you my own feedbacks!

First things first, I couldn’t resist to buy a Bathbomb. That’s why Lush Cosmetics is famous. After a long (very long) time discovering everything, « Space Girl » seems to be the better choice. Well, in fact I should have said the most perfect choice, for me at least. Beautiful colors, gorgeous smell (Blackcurrant) and cutest shape, what else do you need? Oh and Yep, having a little sparkly Saturn in the bath is pretty cool.


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