Ok, so I have a BIG news: I’m moving out! That’s why (and also because Spring is coming) I’ve decided to make a little series (with four articles: dressing, beauty, body and mind) about the famous Spring Cleaning. Are you ready?

© Pinterest - Julianne Williamson
© Pinterest – Julianne Williamson

First of all, you have to clean and purify the room. When you’re feeling good, it’s easier to start your day. Say goodbye to dust, open the window, change the bed linnen, clean your mirror, now take a short break and a deep breathe. You’re ready to dive into your dressing (or closet) and the huge world of the Spring Cleaning.

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10 Dresses to rock the New Year’s Party

Every year it’s a dilemma to chose the perfect dress to end the year, but also to start the new one. Some of us plan their night a long time ago, some are just better in the hurry. That’s why, even if my outfit is already totally ready (from head to toe, yep!) I’ve decided to spent some times on the Internet searching for the perfect dress –and picked 10 dresses for you. You never know when you’re gonna need it, so be prepare for 2015 girls because it’s gonna be our year for sure!

New Year dresses

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