Spring is in 3 days now, so it’s time to continue the Spring Cleaning series! I’ve already talked about the Dressing so, today it’s all about beauty and make-up sorting and storage, hope you’ll like it and find some helpful tips!

First of all, it’s important to take a look at the expiration date. Beauty products like cream- are perfect for this because you can read the recommended number of months for a proper use on the bottle. The tips is to stick a little piece of paper on the lid to never forget the first time you open it. Make-up products –like eye-shadow or lipstick- are a little bit more difficult to use for the correct amount of time because nothing is written. Wait, wait! Before you throw everything in the garbage or keep using an expired product, let’s take a minute to sum up those precious information!

© Pinterest - Allison Kratz
© Pinterest – Allison Kratz

Face cream/serum – 6 months
Body cream – 1 year
Foundation (powder) – from 12 to 18 months / Foundation (liquid) – 6 months
Mascara – from 3 to 6 months (and never loan it to a friend unless you wanna take the risk of getting a nice conjunctivitis)
Eye-shadow (powder) – from 1 to 2 year(s) (always use make-up brushes and never put water in it) / Eye-shadow (pencil) – 1 year
Lipstick/Gloss – 12 to 18 months (keep it in the fridge, you will easily notice when it fades)
Nail polish – It’s up to you, how you feel about it and how it looks like!

Ok, so now that you’re aware of everything, you can throw away all the expired products. Yep, you may feel a little disappointed because time flies fast and sometimes you haven’t used the half of your product but it’s already time to say goodbye. Don’t be sad, you’ve learned a lesson and next time you’ll be more careful –and a little less crazy so you won’t open three face creams at the same time just to try them out, believe me. Now let’s talk about the make-up brushes!

© Youtube - JourneyTo WaistLength / DR
© Youtube – JourneyTo WaistLength / DR

Your make-up and your beauty products are sorted, you’re a little less full now, so it’s time to apply the same process to your make-up brushes. First, You can throw all the « old » are « too-used » ones, have no regret, it’s full of bacterias, eew. Done? Now, keep the recent ones in good condition, wash them! You can buy some brushes cleanser at Sephora, at M.A.C, at Make Up Forever, you can also use baby shampoo and olive oil, and if you don’t want to spend too much money on this, you can make it yourself by using many online D.I.Y like the one from the famous Michelle Phan. Of course, it’s also important to clean your make-up bag -it’s mostly machine washable- and every little somewhere where you keep your make-up.

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To avoid dust, you can keep your make-up brushes in a resealable pot. Interested? Ok, let’s talk about beauty and make-up storage tips and ideas then! Easy, practical and affordable: keep these three words in mind, they’re the exact definition of what follows.

© Pinterest - Rachel Hinson /
© Pinterest – Rachel Hinson /

Today, it’s really simple to store make-up. They’re plenty of blogs and websites that did a top 10 or top 20 of ideas, pins, or D.I.Y which can be done by everyone, handy(wo)man or not. My favorite sources of inspiration are Pinterest and Tumblr without any doubt. Cosmopolitan had also post a wonderful article called « 24 Life-Changing Ways To Store Your Beauty Products » and I think that if you wanna start to store things, this is a required reading. They are also SO MANY tutorials on Youtube like the « DIY: Makeup/Jewelry Organizer » from the lovely LaureDIY who’s always full of ideas! Tbh, I can’t make a list because they are really so many and for whatever you want. Wanna create your huge own make-up space or save space to keep everyting together, no problem, all your wishes got a D.I.Y, -oh Internet how I love you.

Ok, so your make-up collection is now updated. What about your make-up routine now? Winter is gone, Spring’s here, let’s have some changes!

© Pinterest - Ludmila Lucas /
© Pinterest – Ludmila Lucas /

It is now time to leave the darkest shades of your lipsticks (ok,you can keep this burgundy that you love so much, I know the struggle) and nail polishes for baby pink, powder blue and light lilac. Flowers are opening, birds are singing and your face should be breathing. Go for a beautiful nude or even a no make-up look with a touch of color to bring life back to your cheeks, your eyes or your lips. Don’t forget the SPF if the sun is shining, change your powder foundation for a translucent one and your cream for a tonic lotion. You’re free from the dry lips, free from dry skin (if it’s worse in Winter than usual), smile, you’re good to go!

How do you store your make-up?
What’s your favorite tips to store make-up?
Do you change your make-up routine for Spring?

Read the Spring Cleaning #1: Dressing

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