Spring is coming and as the sun tries to shine a little more, we try to stay as warm and cute as possible, -and our wallets try to stay as full as possible. That’s why I’m always on the Internet, looking for a little treasure that will satisfy myself as much as my piggy bank. This time, seems to be the key to end my quest. For those of you who may not know yet, Dresslink is a low prices fashion company based in China. Oh, and by low prices, I mean dresses, coats, sweaters, shoes and accessories for sometimes less than 5 dollars. Wanna know if it’s worth the shot? Me too! That’s why I’m here with a little spring outfit idea/wishlist and the intention to try it out and be satisfied! Plus, tbh I’ve heard so many good things about them so I just can’t wait!

For this look, I’ve decided to totally go black, as always, you can never wear too much black, but because this is Spring time, I’ve also choose to highlight the look with a touch of baby pink for the oversize gilet (which is so cute) and a bit of white for the little bag. Plus, the dress is black, but you have this mesh details at the top and the bottom. This is perfect if you live somewhere where Spring means the beginning of the hot days, –lucky you! For the shoes, I went pretty basic with this big chunky black boots that are absolutely gorgeous. The crazyness is in the sunglasses and their blue petrol colour. Well, this outfit is retro, elegant and rock’n’roll, perfect for any occasions, that’s how I play the game!

Spring Outfit Idea with Dresslink

1. Black Mesh Dress, 3.85 euros.
2. Oversized Batwing Gilet, 5.25 euros.
3. Chunky Black Boots, 7.33 euros.
4. Retro Round Lens Sunglasses, 2.53 euros.
5. White Messenger Bag, 3.94 euros.

Have you already heard about
What is your favorite place to shop online?

What is your perfect spring outfit?


    1. Hello ! Eh bien justement, j’ai profité de cet outfit pour passer une petite commande sur le site, je compte faire une review sur mon blog ainsi que sur Youtube alors tu seras tenue au courant !

      A bientôt,


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