What about LUSH?

Ok, I know. Everyone knows (and it seems that everyone loves) Lush Cosmetics but I have to admit that we don’t have many shops here in Paris, so I didn’t have time to try the brand out until a few months ago. I’m addicted to natural brands like Yves Rocher or The Body Shop, so Lush was just calling my name out. That’s why I’m here today, to finally give you my own feedbacks!

First things first, I couldn’t resist to buy a Bathbomb. That’s why Lush Cosmetics is famous. After a long (very long) time discovering everything, « Space Girl » seems to be the better choice. Well, in fact I should have said the most perfect choice, for me at least. Beautiful colors, gorgeous smell (Blackcurrant) and cutest shape, what else do you need? Oh and Yep, having a little sparkly Saturn in the bath is pretty cool.


Next, I really wanted to try some hair products. Solid shampoo and solid conditioner seem so appropriate because it’s something totally new for me. Tbh, I didn’t even know that this was possible ahah. After reading all the notes about the products –and asking so many questions to the lovely guy who’s working there-, I’ve picked up « Jungle« , a cacao butter conditioner and « Seanik« , which is all about lemon and seaweeds, perfect for fresh hair. If I have to admit that I don’t find any of this two products easy to use, I have to recognize that the conditioner makes my hair really soft and the smell of Seanik is amazing. Oh, and they look so cute. That’s the biggest problem with Lush products, everything looks so cute!


After hair, I wanted to take care of my body, so I’ve bought a body scrub. In addition to it’s calming effect (thanks to lavanda), « Scratch!!« , is also said to be perfect to fight cellulite (thanks to ginger and fennel). I was scared that it’s gonna be a little harsh for my sensitive skin but it’s totally ok. If you’re looking for a nice body scrub give it a try!


Finally, something for my face was needed. I’ve heard so many good things about « Coalface« , so I gave it a go and… waw. It is now my favourite face soap ever and I use it everytime I wash my face. It’s so gentle with my skin, so fresh, it really cleans everything and the skin feels so, so soft right after. Plus, licorice gives a bigger feeling of freshness and purity. So far my favorite product!


Do you use Lush Cosmetics products or have you planned to use some?
What is your favorite product from Lush?
Do you use any other « natural » brands?

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