10 Dresses to rock the New Year’s Party

Every year it’s a dilemma to chose the perfect dress to end the year, but also to start the new one. Some of us plan their night a long time ago, some are just better in the hurry. That’s why, even if my outfit is already totally ready (from head to toe, yep!) I’ve decided to spent some times on the Internet searching for the perfect dress –and picked 10 dresses for you. You never know when you’re gonna need it, so be prepare for 2015 girls because it’s gonna be our year for sure!

New Year dresses

1. « The Lacy One » – Embroidered Sheath Dress – FOREVER 21, 27,45€
2. « The Glittery One » – Gold Sequin Tunic DressNEW LOOK, 26,99€
3. « The Fairy One » – Princess Cluster Maxi (Red Carpet) – ASOS, 199,99€
4. « The Skater Dress » – Gray High Waist Long Sleeve Skater DressCHOIES, 25,78€
5. « The Hollow One » – Half Sleeve Hollow Bodycon Gold DressROMWE, 33,43€
6. « The Ombre One » – Ombre Dress with BeltZARA, 49,95€
7. « The Monochrome One » – Black Monochrome Mesh DressRIVER ISLAND, 53€
8. « The Classy One » – Black V-Neck Bodycon DressSHEINSIDE, 20,39€
9. « The Sexy One » – Gem Strap Bodyson Dress by RareTOPSHOP, 40,00€
10. « The Naked Back One » – Glittery DressH&M, 49,99€

So, which one is your favorite? 
What are you wearing for this New Year’s Party?

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